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CD Splash

Make your distribution media to look professional

100% freeware
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What is CD Splash ?

CD Splash is a very small but powerful application that will help you to create CD splashes. A splash is a window that is shown every time you put your CD into the CDROM unit.

You can customize the splash:

  • to show your name and face or any other picture you choose
  • to show your company logo, motto or signature
  • to show a fortune cookie or disclaimer/legal agreement
  • you can choose even to play your voice or movie


Which media types are supported?


CD, DVD, flash disks, floppies, virtually any device that can be set to auto-run when you mount it/insert it into the computer



Why to use it?

  • Make your distribution media to look more appealing/professional
  • Force your users to read the license agreement before using the material
  • Ask the person who found the device to bring it back to you (this is very useful if you often forget your flash memory stick into user's computer)
  • Inform the users about who is the owner of the medium or the content contained on that medium

CD Splash creates CD splashes. This graphic editor is actually an autorun builder

Screenshot - The graphic editor is actually an autorun builder



How to install CD Splash on your CD's

  • Download CD Splash in your computer (this is a portable application so you don't need to install or uninstall it)
  • Set its properties (picture logo and text to display) by using the INI-Editor
  • Burn it on the CD together with other material that you may put on that CD
  • Distribute the CD



features show a splash every time you insert the CD/DVD into the unit
highly customizable
embedded help system (help as tool tips)
it doesn't need to be installed/uninstalled
it doesn't mess your registry or system with unneeded DLLs
it is really small
it is free


System requirements

- 486 computer (at 66MHz)
- 32MB RAM memory
- 1MB free space on your hard drive
- Windows 95 or higher (it support Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista)



How to install it

This program was built using a revolutionary technology from Borland. It does not require being installed or un-installed. It doesn't need any DLLs, ActiveX, DirectX, Java, Windows services packs or IE updates. Just download the program and run it.




  CD Splash
Release date
  January 2010
  0.5 MB

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CD Splash createa CD splashes

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