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Fake traffic generator software

fake ad/banner clicks


features Program description


One Million Clicks software can simulate traffic on a web page, web script, image, etc. The traffic counters (Analytics) will see the visits as real since the web page is loaded in a real browser, exactly as a normal user will do.




A new similar product called Website Traffic Generator was recently released.


features What is it good for?


With Web Traffic Simulator you can generating fake traffic by reloading the specified web page(s) repeatedly in an integrated web browser. It has many purposes, such as:

  • increasing the counter of a web page in order to keep your web site/software in top of the others
  • cheating on a "Top 10" popularity web site by increasing the number of votes
  • keeping you connected (preventing a web site like Yahoo Mail from logging you off after a period of inactivity)
  • reloading a page millions of times
  • downloading an URL (web page, ZIP, EXE...) millions of times
  • simulating clicks (for example on a link, banner, image)
  • storming a web server by generating massive download
  • testing your web server under heavy load


features How does it work


The program has an integrated Internet Explorer browser. It lo the specified web page in this browser at the intervals specified by you simulating a real visit on that page. All scripts, images, counters, etc, contained by that web page will be also refreshed. Using the embedded proxy module you can simulate traffic from all over the world so nobody can detect that your traffic is coming from a single computer.



features Features


nfo Our software program can simulate real web traffic on the specified web page.

nfo Can simulate web traffic from all over the world (from different IPs).
features The traffic  amount (clicks per second) can be precisely controlled.
features Full support for cookies, Java, Java Script, XML, etc.
features It stops itself when the targeted amount of traffic was reached.
features User defined settings and statistics are saved to disk and reloaded automatically next time the program starts.
features Save projects to disk.

features Easy to use. Embedded help system (help as tool tips).
features Maintains lists of web sites.

features You can specify different traffic settings for each web site.
features You can temporarily suspend (PAUSE) the activity (one site or all) and resume it later.
features It can generate traffic on multiple web sites simultaneously (multi threading technology).
features Displays advanced statistics.
features Highly customizable.
features Portable. No installation required. Just download it and run it.




features Warnings/Disclaimer


1. Advertisement (ads/banners) will also be refreshed when you refresh a page. While this may be OK while the advertisement is not paid (a web site advertises its own programs without using a 3rd party paid advertisement network) it is definitively not OK to refresh web pages that contains paid advertisement (ads/banners such as Google AdSense or Yahoo Ads). Remove the ads/banners from your web pages before generating fake traffic to them or generate traffic on web pages that don't contain paid banners/ads. DO NOT send us email related to how to increase the traffic on a web site that has paid commercial banners. We won't answer.

2. If you are generating lots of traffic on a 3rd party web site (for example your web host service provider) in order to test server's capacity under stress, you need to consult with the owner of the web site first. At least, don't do it for an extended period of time. If you are storming a shared web server other users may be disturbed by your action.

3. If you are using the program to monitor online time of a web site, the program may falsely signal downtimes if you are using bad/slow proxies.





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web traffic simulator



Refresh web pages that contains , commercials, banners. Google ense.

instant free download


  • Our software doesn't install any (DLLs, ActiveX, DirectX, .Net, Java, Windows services packs, IE updates, etc) crapware in your computer!
  • Our software is monolithic and portable - which means that you can copy it on a flash stick and run it on any computer without installing it.


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nfo System requirements

  • Pentium I
  • WinXP
  • 128MB RAM


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