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Hardware ID Extractor
Hardware serial number extractor (CPU, RAM, HDD, BIOS)

DLL and source code available


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The Hardware ID Extractor is a Microsoft Windows program that shows information about your computer's hardware:


Hard disk:


* Hard drive ID (unique hardware serial number written in drive's IDE electronic chip)

* Partition ID (volume serial number)



* CPU ID (unique hardware ID)
* CPU vendor
* CPU current running speed
* CPU theoretic speed (CPU rated speed)


Physical memory:


* Memory Load ( Total memory used in percentage (%) )
*Total Physical ( Total physical memory in bytes )
*Avail Physical ( Physical memory left in bytes )
*Total PageFile ( Total page file in bytes )
*Available PageFile( Page file left in bytes )
*Total Virtual( Total virtual memory in bytes )
*Available Virtual ( Virtual memory left in bytes )




Bios unique identification numberBiosDate

Bios unique identification numberBiosVersion

Bios unique identification numberBiosProductID

Bios unique identification numberBiosVideo



Hardware serial number extractor tool

Hardware ID Extractor - screenshot (free application)





This program is 100% freeware. Download it now. It requires no installation. To uninstall it, just delete it from your computer. The package contains severa other similar programs.


is delivered in a package to together with several other graphics programs. Once unpacked, it does not require being installed. Just double click the program to run it.



  • Our software doesn't install any (DLLs, ActiveX, DirectX, .Net, Java, Windows services packs, IE updates, etc) crapware in your computer!
  • Our software is monolithic and portable - which means that you can copy it on a flash stick and run it on any computer without installing it.




Hardware ID extractor-IDE harddrive serial number, BIOS serial number, MAC/network unique serial number-Free download Hardware ID extractor


2.0 (Nov 2013)


100% freeware. No nags. No ads.


0.8 MB

Download application

Hardware ID extractor-partition serial number,MAC/network unique serial number,volume serial number



Windows OS compatibility matrix


This Hardware Serial Number Extractor supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems since 1995 to present*.

Windows 95/98
Windows NT/2K
Windows XP
Windows Vista/7
Windows 8

Hardware ID extractor - partition serial number,hard drive serial number,volume serial number




Hardware ID Extractor tool is 100% freeware.



Get it as DLL (for programmers)


Source code and DLL available. The DLL works in Visual C, C Builder, Delphi, Visual Basic, etc. Details it here.


Delphi programming C/C++  programming VB (Visual Basic)  programming



Awards & Certificates


Get disk serial, real hard drive serial number, hardware ID number, programming code, DLL library, extract hardware info, get CPU producer frequency and produce




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Delphi programming C/C++  programming VB (Visual Basic)  programming



Get it as DLL (for programmers) dll


This program had a great success and many programmers were asking for its source code. Therefore, we decided to put the code that extracts the information from hardware into a DLL (it works in Visual C, C Builder, Delphi, Visual Basic, etc). Using the functions exported by this DLL (only 50KB) your can empower your application to access the hardware directly. You will be able to implement the ultimate level of protection for your shareware application by generating keys that will work only on specific hardware (only in the computer for which the key was generated).



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