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Where is my registration info?


After purchase, the registration information (including 'key') is automatically sent to you via email. In case you haven't received this email please:

  • Check your "Junk/Spam" folder. In most cases overzealous anti-spam filters rejects our emails. This solved our customers' problem in 99% of the cases.
  • Please wait few hours after placing the order. Usually we send the registration information few minutes after purchase, using an automatic email system. However, some orders needs manual review in order to be approved. In this case the email may arrive few hours later.
  • Please verify your post-purchase page and check your order status. In many cases this helped customers to identify the reason of the delay. The order may have one of the following statuses:
    • Waiting for manual approval – An operation will check if your personal information is correct and valid. You IP, address, telephone number must match together. Then this data will be verified against your bank account. The email address will be also verified.
    • Processing – you order is processed right now
    • Transaction denied (a reason like “insufficient funds” will be specified”)
    • Completed – You successfully purchased the item and the registration information was sent to you
  • Check your inbox from other emails form us or from our reseller BlueSnap. Sometimes (rarely) we may contact you (email/telephone) to confirm that your payment details are valid.
  • Submit a ticket ONLY if you don't receive the email in the next 24 hours



Help yourself

    • Please read again the Order page, maybe the information you are looking for is already there.
    • Please read the manual, maybe the information you are looking for is already there.
    • Please check if other users already asked the same question before you


If you still have problems please contact us at


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How to get your answer faster?


In order to obtain your answer faster please make sure that you provided all information necessary to us to identify and solve your problem. Posting a support ticket like "my software is not working" will not be very helpful to our support team. Please provide at least:

  • product name
  • product version
  • the exact error message
  • what you did at the moment when the error appeared
  • screen shot (use the 'Print Screen' key)
  • Windows platform you are using (for example Windows XP PRO 32 bit)


What if I have lost the product/key


We deliver the software and the key to you ONLY ONCE. Once it reaches your computer it is yours and therefore your responsibility to back it up. We cannot come to your home address to backup your personal. Please create hire a dedicated company to do this or create your own backups.


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