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User interface for voice-over recording studios




This is a fully automated software designed for a 'do it yourself' recording session in a voice-over studio recording studio. The idea behind the program is to allow a singer to enter the studio and to record its own voice-over without the need of an assistant / operator.

How it works:

  • The program takes a set of pictures of singer’s face with a web camera. The singer can re-take the picture if the current one is not very good.
  • The singer chooses a song (negative version) and records it (in maximum 3 attempts).
  • Upon completion, the program burns the recorded voice on a CD (CDDA format) and prints singer’s face and its personal data on an auto-adhesive label (later the singer will stick the label on the CD by itself).

The application was designed for persons that never used a computer. All actions are performed with the mouse (no keyboard). There are no other elements/widows (not even the Windows taskbar) visible on screen except this dedicated interface.



Main modules

  • special user interface (desktop)
  • virtual keyboard
  • digital camera interface and image acquisition module
  • image processing
  • high precision printing
  • recording modules
  • sound acquisition (from professional equipment), processing and conversions
  • synchronized lyrics player
  • CD burning module
  • security, administrator and other background modules
  • external tools such sound converters, backups, and a complex lyrics synchronizer/editor for generating lyrics files


automated interface designed for a 'do it yourself' recording session recording session voice recording studio



Please contact us if you want to build for you similar tools.

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