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Fuck You hosting company
Fuck You hosting company

Automatic Website Checker

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Short description


Automatic Webhost Checker (AKA "F*ck You iPage") is a tool that periodically checks:

1. if your web host is online

2. downloads a file from a web server and checks if download's size is correct.

Useful to check if your web host is online and if it has any disconnect problems.



Why this program?


We created Webhost Checker program because we had big big problems with our webhost (a sincere FuckYou to them). Their support was totally useless so we had to fix the problem by ourself. The program will work with any web host/server not only with


User manual for Module 1


The Automatic File Download Tester module will download the specified file from your web site every x seconds. If the downloaded file size is correct then it will display the message "Download ok.", else it will display the message "File size doesn't match."



User manual for Module 2


The Automatic Webpage Ping module replaces the good old PING command. Some hosting companies (say now aloud a big FUCK YOU to them) don't answer to PING so you cannot check on them if they are online or offline.

Also if they shuts down your web site will replace your site with a default web page (their page or a warning message like "Your account has been suspended. Contact us"). So, you also cannot check if a specific URL (for example your site home page) returns a 200 page or 404 page.


What is the work around?
This module connects every x minutes to the specified URL, downloads the file, then checks the content of that file against the "Text to check" field to see if they are identical. If not identical an alarm will sound.


How to use it?
Create a simple TXT file and write something like "Fuck you iPage" in it. Upload the file. Enter the URL of the file in the program and also enter the "Fuck you iPage" greeting in the "text to check" field.
Press the Start button. Run the program non-stop.


Compatibility matrix


Tested under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.




How to install it?


Automatic Webhost Checker does not require being installed or un-installed. It doesn't need any DLLs, ActiveX, DirectX, Java, Windows services packs or IE updates. Just download the program and run it.


Automatic File Download Tester screenshot

Measure download speed. Fuck You



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It is official. hosting company sucks! hosting sucks

Instant download


Name  Automatic Webhost Checker
Version   2.3        Fuck You hosting company
Release date   July 2014
Size   1.8 MB
Installer   Not needed
check web host download problems AKA Fuck You


Automatic Webhost Tester is delivered in a package to together with several other Internet programs. Once unpacked, it does not require being installed. Just double click the program to run it. 100% freeware.



  • Our software doesn't install any crapware (DLLs, ActiveX, DirectX, .Net, Java, Windows services packs, etc) in your computer!
  • Our software is monolithic & portable: you can copy it on a flash stick and run it on any computer without installing it.


Fuck You hosting company
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