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Automatic Google Keyword (SERP) Position Collector
Automatically search your keyword positions in Google search engine
google keyword position research software


Google (SERP) Keyword Position Collector is a Keyword Research tool for individual site owners, web masters and SEO that finds the position on which your web site appears on Google for a specific keyword (or list of keywords). The program fully automates the process be collecting the Google positions each day automatically.




  • Automatically collect Google keyword(s) position for the specified web site
  • You can build multiple keyword lists (projects) and run them individually
  • Visual representation of your keyword position history
  • Starts at computer start up, an automatically collect Google position. You don't have to press any button!
  • You can specify how fast to grab and parse Google result pages
  • Only search the first x result pages pages
  • Export data to clipboard or to CSV file
  • Import data from other similar/concurrent tools
  • Embedded help system. Hoover the mouse over a button and a pop-up will appear to explain what the button does
  • Program size: only 2MB!!!! Doesn't require installation!!!


How to use it

Enter your web site's URL in the "Web site to search field". Import the list of keywords into the program by using "Import" then click the "Start" button. When all keyword positions have been collected from Google search engine you can save the results (the positions) by using the "Export" button.



Automatic Google Keywords Position position Collector SEO tool




Who uses Keyword Position Collector?


The program has now quite a reputation in the SEO world because:

1) it is the only one that FULLY automates the process

2) it is the only search engine position collector that can present the data visually.


If you like it, help us by spreading the word on your blog/site/forum or deep link to us.


Instant download




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History of your keyword position


A bunch of number won't tell you much about your web site rank in Google. However, put those numbers in a chart and the magic happens. Google (SERP) Keyword Position Collector can show the evolution of each keyword over time, in an easy to understand graphic format. What you see below is exactly the same data as in the image above. But look how easy is to understand the data now:


google keyword position finder



How to collect keyword positions daily


In the Settings tab you can set the program to run each time when you boot up your computer and automatically collect keyword positions.

Each day it will create a column in which it will put the results (the keyword positions) of that day so you can easily compare keyword's evolution in time.

The program can be minimized to system tray to it won't hinder you.


automatically collect google keyword positions






Google Search engine Keyword Position Collector tool does not require being installed. Just double click the program to run it. To uninstall it just delete it.



  • Our software doesn't install any (DLLs, ActiveX, DirectX, .Net, Java, Windows services packs, IE updates, etc) crapware in your computer!
  • Our software is monolithic and portable - which means that you can copy it on a flash stick and run it on any computer without installing it.



v2.1 / June 2014

Google Keywords Position Search tool download

(Program size is only 2MB. The program is delivered in a package together with several related tool.)




Why do I see different positions in search results in my web searches?


If you and your friend decides to do an identical Google search, you will probably see different results even if you start the experiment as the same moment.

There are several reasons for this:


1. User behavior monitoring - If you are logged into your Google account, Google tracks you via cookies and brings some results to front if it thinks they are more relevant to you. The relevancy is based on your previous searches and clicks in the result pages.


2. Ads - Depending on the keywords you search, your location, your previous interest (ads you clicked previously), hour and advertiser activity Google will show more or less ads in the top of the result page. Therefore, the content of the page will change - some results will be pushed out of the page to make space to the ads. For example if the page has 3 ads on it, the last 3 results may be pushed in the second page.


3. Special results - Google may display special results at the top of the page. It might show a row of thumbnails if it thinks you are looking for images. For example, this happens if your keyword is 'wallpapers' or something else that is related to images. This may also push some results out of the page, or change the position/content of the page.


4. Location - Google dramatically changes the content of the result page if it thinks you are looking to a local thing, for example a restaurant.


5. Daily Google SERP updates - Google constantly updates its database. Because of this, the positions returned may vary drastically from a day to another. For example, lets say that you are on position one in Google with the 'desktop wallpaper changer' keyword and your concurrent is on the second position. If your concurrent updates its web site (it does SEO improvements) Google will observe these changes and update its database. Therefore, your site may go down one position EVEN if you haven't changed a thing on your web site. Now, think that there are millions of web sites out there and they are constantly changing their content/SEO. This will create A LOT of daily changes in Google SERPs.



How that Automatic Google Keyword Position Collector is so accurate?


Automatic Google Keyword Position Collector does not spider the result pages generated by Google (even if this is the amateur way all concurrent programs are doing it this way). Instead it connects directly to Google's data base and retrieve the data directly from the source. This means that it is not influenced by your location, inserted ads, user previous behavior (items 1-4 presented above). google keyword research software download



Who can use it?


Web masters and SEO experts have struggled for many years with Google. One of the repetitive tasks they have to perform daily was collecting the position for the keywords for which they optimized their web site. Usually the web masters/SEO experts had to manually enter the keyword in Google's search engine and then to count at which position the web site of interest was listed.


Google Keyword Position Search Tool helps site owners to help them increase their web site's rank into Google by reliving them from this time-consuming process.


free keyword position research software

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