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Web Traffic Generator

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'Page not found' (404) or similar errors


This means that for miscellaneous reasons it cannot connect to the specified web sit. The cause for this could be:

The program also has a dedicated 'Check Internet connection' button. Click it. If should give you a positive answer!


Cause 1: Web Traffic Generator cannot connect to Internet.

Diagnostic: Send some traffic to a web site (such as that you know for sure is online and that works also in your browser. If that web site works in your browser but not in Web Traffic Generator then some program is blocking it from accessing the Internet.

Solution: Fix your Internet connection problem or antivirus/firewall problem.


Cause 2: Your proxies are not good

Diagnostic: Check if the program works on 'direct connection' (disable the 'proxy list' module). It should work.

Solution: Get fresh/good proxies.


Cause 3: The web site you want send traffic to is offline. Please also read the 'The web site went offline' section.

Diagnostic: Check if the web site works in your default web browser.

Solution: Wait until the site is back online. Or send traffic to a web site that is working (is online).



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I cannot see any traffic in my Google Analytics counter


This depends on which counter you are monitoring into Google Analytics. By default Google Analytics will show you 'sessions' or 'unique visitors'. If you are monitoring these counters and you are not using proxies, no matter how much fake traffic you send, Google Analytics will count you... once! So, use proxies OR look at the 'page views'.

ALSO, please notice that Google Analytics has a delay of 1 day. Which means that the traffic you generate today will appear tomorrow!




But I am using proxies and I still see no traffic in Google Analytics


We are receiving this complain over and over and over and over again. If you are getting your proxies from some cheap web site probably most of them (if not all) are not working. You need to find at least 10 proxies that are rock solid reliable to test the program with. We do offer a proxy teste. It is not bullet proof but it will help you to cut down most of the bad proxies.



The counter is not advancing fast enough


Cause 1:

Some web sites/servers are slow. They need 3-12 seconds (sometimes more) to deliver the full content of a web page (especially if the page has lots of images and Flash animations).


Measure in your favorite web browser how long it takes to fully load a page (you MUST to a 'forced refresh' - which is Ctrl+F5 in Firefox).


Solution 1: If your counter is not advancing fast enough (but it does advance) it means that your site is too slow for the refresh interval you set and miss some visitors. Don't send visitors (refresh pages) to quick. To be safe, add a couple of seconds to measured time. Remember that a web server could be less loaded at some hours and under heavy traffic at other hours. So, the time can greatly vary.

Solution 2: Move your web site on a fast web server (preferably a non-shared server).

Cause 2:

Some of your proxies are not working or are too slow.


Manually test and hind 5 good (fast) proxies. Add only these 5 proxies into the list. Choose safe refresh interval (like 20 seconds). Start the program and let it use all 5 proxies. Your counter should increase with exactly 5 visitors.


Solution1: Only use good proxies.

Solution2: If you are too lazy to test your proxies, accept the fact that the counter will advance a bit slower.




The counter is not advancing anymore (but it worked earlier) or The web site went offline



Some web sites might temporary ban your IP if you send lots of visitors in one hour, from the same IP.



Visit the web page in your favorite web browser. The web counter should not increase. Then change your IP (you can do this in multiple way: restart your router, wait until tomorrow as most ISP will renew your IP at midnight, put a good proxy in your browser). Visit the page again. If it works in means that indeed your IP was banned.


Solution 1: If you don't want to use proxies, wait a day (usually the bans are lifted in 24 hours)

Solution 2: If you don't want to use proxies, slow down your traffic to a safe value (that will not trigger the ban anymore).

Solution 3: Use proxies.




The counter is not advancing at all


Our program behave like a real visitor. If a real visitor visiting your web page increases the counter on that page, then our program should be able to do the same.

Counter not advancing could mean several things:


Cause: You encountered a 'smart' counter.

Diagnostic: Some counters only increment for unique visitors. Reload the page your favorite web browser 20 times. If the counter does not advance it means that it tracks you by your IP.

Solution: For this type of 'smart' counters you need to use proxies.




"The path cannot be empty" message


You get this error message when you try to create a new project while the current project has no name assigned yet.
Simply ignore the error message. Your project will be saved anyway.
Please note that saving the project under a different names ("save as") is not possible in this version.
However, you can 'cheat' the program by manually copying the project file under a different name. Then use the "Load project" menu to load one of your projects.


License/key troubleshooting






We usually solve the license related problems within hours. However, this depends on the information accuracy we get from you. An email like 'I entered the key but the program doesn't work. Please help' tells us nothing about your problem. However, if we receive complete information as the one shown below we can help you really quick:

  • Date of purchase & purchase reference number
  • Exact product name (we recently dropped One Million Clicks and replaced it with Web Traffic Generator, so make sure you are asking support for the correct product)
  • Version purchased
  • Version you are using currently
  • The key you received
  • Details about your system (Windows edition, 32/64 bits)
  • What the 'About' tab says about the status of the license?
  • The error message that you get when you enter the key
  • Did you restarted the program after entering the key?

Don't be shy to send screenshots. Also please send any other information that you think it could be helpful.






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