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Web Traffic Generator

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How many files it installs in my computer?


Web Traffic Generator does not ask for administrator rights during installation. This means that install 0 (zero) files in your Windows' core.

It doesn't need any DLLs, ActiveX, DirectX, Java, dotNet, Windows services packs or IE updates. Therefore, it is totally safe.



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Does it work also on banners?


Yes. When the web page is loaded, all images (banners) in that page are loaded also.




How to simulate visitors coming from a search engine such as, or


Some users asked how to simulate a Google search. For example: open Google --> enter search a particular keyword (like 'BioniX Wallpaper') --> go to the searched URL --> click on it.

This is quite easy to achieve:

  1. Enter this as 'Main URL' in Web Traffic Generator:
  2. Enter this in the Inner URL box:
  3. Optional: enter some other link (also in 'Inner URL' box) from Bionix Wallpaper web site to simulate realistic traffic. For example enter:

google fake search

How you obtain the link shown at paragraph 2? Simple: Open your preferred browser, enter the keywords for real in Google. Press the Search button. In the results page, locate the page that you want to visit. Right click on it and copy the link:


Google seach





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