This program helps you to design and build your own web site.
You need two things: a HTML template file (we already provided one) and some content (aka 'articles').

This small tutorial will show you how to create in under 1 minute your web site with Stormy Website Builder.


Step 1. Stucture of your content

Define some categories. Each article you create will be assigned to a category. For each category the program will create a main menu item.

panel Categories  


Step 2 (optional). Import images

If you want to show some images into your pages (probably you want) now is the time to import them. Use the 'Resources' panel to import JPG/BMP/GIF/PNG images and other files (ZIP, RAR, DOC, PDF, etc).

Once you have a resource imported you can easily show it or link to it from your articles.

del panel Resources  


Step 3. Write some articles (web site content)

Click the 'New Article' button (in 'Articles' panel) to open the Article Editor.

 HTML article editor CMS

Start typing the content. You can copy/paste content from other sources (DOC, PDF, web pages, etc).


Save and close the article.

download-stormy web site builder editor


Step 4. Publish your website

Click the 'Generate website and Upload content' button. Your site is now online.

button Generate Website   



You would have needed a full day to install, configure and master Joomla CSM. We achieved the same thing in under 1 minutes with Stormy Website Builder. Spread the word if you like it.