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How to find cheats in a game with Word Extractor

Let's suppose you have a new game and you want to find the cheats for this game. Drag and drop the file (for example 'Game.exe') in Word Extractor and press START. The program will remove all binary code and will reveal human readable text strings. Among this strings it is possible to find your cheats or even more information about the game (for example comments from the programmers who made the game, path where files are kept, hints, possible messages and error messages for user or beta testers, etc).




Real-world example


Let's look inside the StarCraft.exe game to see if we can find something interesting.

For this we drag and drop the StarCraft.exe file in Word Extractor. The screenshot bellow shows the 'guts' of the game after the 'garbage' (binary data) has been filtered out. We can clearly see the famous cheat "the gathering" which gives you infinite energy.


Convert binary file to text files|Word extractor tool


There are other interesting information too. For example we can see that this is a Win32 application and that the game was compressed with ASPack.


Please do not ask how to crack/hack something. We do not offer cracking tutorials.



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