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Word Extractor

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Investigate a suspicious file

You can use Word Extractor to check against a suspicious program. Let's suppose you just received an email with a program attached from a friend. At a second thought it seems that actually your friend didn't’t personally sent that message to you but it was automatically send by a virus running in your friend's computer.
Drag and drop the suspicious program in Word Extractor and look for strange messages. Many viruses display messages after they destroyed the host computer or at a fixed date: 'Your hard drive has just been formatted' or 'This is the I love you virus' or 'Today is my birth day. Now I will restart/format your computer...'.
Also with Words Extractor, you can find web addresses hidden in a program. Many viruses or spyware will try to connect to internet in order to send your personal data or to receive commands about what it should do with your computer. If you find a web address and it is a legitimate web site like,, then it is OK. However, if you find a strange web site or server at that address, then you will know that you should delete that program instead of running it.





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