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Documentation for CPU CORE MASK



To use the 'GetCPUID' function, you need to specify which core you want to interogate. You will pass this information as a paramater for 'GetCPUID'. This parameter (the core mask) is a binary number consisting in a number of digits equal with the number of cores, so each bit coresponds to a core. Set the bit corresponding to the core that you want to access to "1". Leave the rest of the bits set to "0".

Task Manager numerotates the cores from left to right (the first core is on the left side).
In our mask the rightmost bit will corespond to the firts core.

Core to access


(as binary)

(as integer)

1 0001 1
2 0010 2
3 0100 4
4 1000 8



Anyway, don't bother too much to understand this. We provided a function called CoreNumber2CoreMask. Just use it.




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