Free desktop tools and utilities for Windows. Download our software now.Free desktop tools and utilities for Windows. Download our software now.
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Agreement addendum
Refund policy EULA




User information and privacy


We respect the privacy of its customers and strictly observe all legal regulations on data protection. Only those details shall be requested that are necessary for carrying out the sales agreement and creating a customer file. Customer data will not be shared with third parties. In completing and sending the ordering form, the customer agrees to the data being processed automatically. This serves the purpose of sending the requested products to the user.




About your rights to place a refund request

The law makes possible for each customer (in most countries) to place a refund request for a product that present defects or it is something else than advertised. None of the products that offer a trial/lite edition fall into this category SINCE THEY CAN BE TESTED BEFORE PURCHASE.



When we offer a refund?

We offer a refund if one of the following conditions applies:

  • broken/undelivered packages
  • accidental (unjustified) charges
  • products that cannot be tested before purchase (see note below)

Note: If the user had a chance to test the product before purchase (for example the product has a trial/limited/demo version) then it had a fair chance to trial our product before purchasing it.


A refund will be granted by us within 10 days from the date of purchase.




Refund offered by 3rd parties


We sell the software through multiple resellers (Softpedia, BlueSnap, Regnow, etc). If the reseller displays a different refund period it will be in the end trimmed down to the period we offer (10 days) since the reseller will pass your refund request back to us since they don't have access to our bank account.




When we cannot offer a refund?


You cannot apply for a refund for:

  1. Software that has a lite, trial or demo version (you had a chance to test the product)
  2. Software purchased for the wrong device/platform (for example if we state that our software will not work on Windows 95 but you still purchase it)
  3. Accidentally purchased software
  4. Software that do not match your needs(you cannot get a refund if you had a chance to trial the software before purchase)
  5. Software ordered via third party or unauthorized download web sites and channels (like, ZDNet, CNet, etc).
  6. Any item purchased more than 10 days ago
  7. Duplicate purchases
  8. Software for which we explicitly specify that we don't offer support
  9. If you already applied for a refund
  10. If your method of payment was ECP/ACH (USA only) or other method of payment that does not support free charge reversal.

Refunds are given in the same form of payment originally used for purchase. In most cases we may hold the commission charged by our reseller (between 4.9% and 15%). You have a very small chance to have your refund request approved if the product (package, CD, key) was delivered to you.




Express agreements for trial/demo software


By purchasing our software, you confirm that:

  a) you agree with its actual state of functionality;

  b) you have tested the product before purchase;

  c) it is suitable to your needs and therefore the purchase if definitive.




How to apply for a refund


If you want to apply for a refund please fill the refund request form. You have a very high chance to have your refund request approved if the product (package, CD, key) was not delivered to you.

Before applying for a refund for 'software malfunction' reason you MUST contact our support (use the support board and not the email) so we can see if there is indeed a problem - and if there is a problem to allow us to fix it. YOU INSTANLY LOOSE YOUR REFUND RIGHTS IF YOU DO NOT PROCEED THIS WAY!




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